Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Mentor Hiatus

Go Steelers!

Right before Christmas I decided I needed a break from Mentoring and decided to only work when I was feeling inspired. As if it was meant to be, the new Greeter program was temporarily put on hold for some programming changes and technical enhancements.

So if you have been to HIP or the HIs and said where is Doc? I was actually exploring SL for a change. With the newest edition to Clan Mentor of Daniel Voyager and the passing of our friend Master Pye it was a very busy holiday season in SL and RL.

In order to be a good Greeter you have to get out there and know your landmarks.
So those of you who want to be Greeters try to read the SL blog and keep up with what is going on around the big grid.

Make yourself a folder of cool places then sub-folder them to include Music, Fashion, Weapons, Building, RL places, Nature, etc...

Your greatest asset as a Greeter is your ability to take someone new and give them places to go and things to discover. The discovery that is SL for new residents is the best time. It is the very tempo that sets the rest of their SL. It also gives you satisfaction to pass the torch on to new people.

Happy Greeting!