Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Disagreeing with Other Mentors

Recently it was brought to my attention that another Mentor disagreed with how some Mentors were actually mentoring, acting, behaving, talking.
One of the things that ensures that we all are on the same page is the Tao http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Tao_of_Volunteers as well as the TOS/CS.
As long as someone adheres to the Tao and is polite and respectful to others; we as Mentors should agree to disagree aka acknowledge each others styles and preferences.

My SL is all about Mentor education and training. I have spent the majority of my SL time helping, assisting, instructing and teaching. Your SL time might not be the same as mine, therefore your results may vary as to your participation or degree of commitment to whatever project you get involved with.

There should never be competition in the Mentor group. It is not necessary and I personally frown upon this behavior. It is not necessary. You can be a part the same as anyone else, volunteer for committees, be a Coach or Buddy, Greet or jump on any HI at any time just like any other mentor. The formula for Mentor success is participation not competition.

If you see a more active Mentor that you want to emulate, why not just ask them to allow you to join in their committees or activities? Everyone can be a part there is so much to do as a Mentor in SL. I spend a great amount of time recruiting Mentors to join this committee or that project and there is always room for more people to help out.
If you want to suggest a project or have an idea about the Mentor program why not take a trip to SLVEC and drop it in the suggestion box? http://slurl.com/secondlife/SLVEC/185/171/22
The Vteam reads all suggestions.

To walk around exclaiming how others are at fault or are involved in things you do not agree with is just not the right way. It is negative and creates animosity.

If you have a problem with the Vteam or if another Mentor is not following the Tao you should follow the process and talk to the Vteam. If the person(s) you are not happy with due to creative differences are not breaking the Tao/TOS/CS in any way, then you need to walk away and go live your SL your own way. You will not agree with everyone. They might not agree with you.
The Mentor program has room for everyone no matter what their style of Mentoring is.
But, if you cannot agree to disagree, I think the Mentor program is not for everyone and it may not be for you. You may want to start your own Help Group and make your own rules. It is a free grid.

Happy Mentoring!

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