Friday, June 19, 2009

SL6B is coming

It is that time again. For us to see where we have been and see where we are going. This year the theme for our birthday is called The Future of Virtual Worlds.

800 Light Years away we are spiraling through outer space on a Meteor disovered by Space Explorer Ghorman Dallier in 2499 while searching for new worlds to inhabit! With that in mind, we took our Exhibitors far away from the green grasses and sandy beaches of their Second Life Grid and sent them into the stratosphere as the first colony of Dallier's Hope. A vast, open landscape waiting to be developed by the first new residents of the future of Virtual Worlds.

The SL6B festivities
* June 23rd - Gates open!
* June 29th - Official closing ceremony
* July 6th - Gates close

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