Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

It always is hard when one of us leaves. This time it was harder than I expected.
Master Pye died in RL last week. When I found out it was numbing.

I have so many memories of my friend Pye. Rambunctious days on OIP. Blue's office hours, him standing next to the big office chair. Many a Mentor meeting. He was a talented guy. Builder, innovator.
He sent me a picture of his RL office once. Talk about multitasking.

Master Pye was a great Mentor. More patient than a saint. Able to leap tall HIs in a single hop.
He was a Master.
Goodbye old friend, your will live on in our memories and in every pond on SL.

His pond is available on xstreets as a freebie

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rails said...

One of Pye's Friends - Soap said this:

"Master Pye. A Mentor and a Friend who touched the hearts of many people in Second Life. A Mentor and Friend who has moved beyond the mortal coil into the Great Mystery. This group has been set up in his memory because if you remember someone, they are never really gone."

What more can be said - Not much