Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking a Break

After this weeks newbie sex craze I realized I had the flu. Well Jezzie told me I did.

After some denial and then a series of fevers I realized she was right.
So this week I am sitting in bed with a cup of tea watching the SciFi Channel while Till threatens to bite me, Tess warns me of not eating right, Sully tells me if I do not take better care of myself I will keel over, Cel tells me to stop being a knothead, Rails tells me to go back to bed and all of you wish me a speedy recovery.
I think after Burning Life I needed to spend some time resting and I just did not do that.
So on the wise and sage advise of many Mental Mentors and Many Mentor Wives and Many friends I am going to be resting up.
Thank you

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