Saturday, May 31, 2008

Congratulations to Rails and Till

I was privileged enough to attend the wedding of my good friend Rails and his Bride Till this morning. I was both the Best Man (thank you sir) and I gave away the Bride (flattered).
The two happy, shiny, loyal people are Mentors and friends.

In my years on Second Life, I have been to many weddings. It is good to attend the partnership of two people you really care about. I was glad to share their day with them and be a part of their celebration.

The Bride was nervous and the Groom resolved to wed her, chain saw and all. Afterward I realized that I not only was pleased to see my friend get married but I now have a friend in his Second Life partner.

It was a great day for Mentors and friends alike.
To the Adorable Couple, Cheers!

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