Monday, May 5, 2008

Orientation Classes Start Again Today!

The Mentor Orientation Classes resumed today. Jezzie McCellan has the first group today at SLVEC. A nice group of enthusiastic Apprentices gathered in the classroom area to get their training.

If you teach classes this is a good time to get the new handouts and changes that George Linden has sent via notice in the Apprentice Group about the notecards used for Orientation but with a few additions/changes. Make sure to read the notecard entitled "Changes" which describes the changes made in detail. These are small changes. Any questions about the notecards can be directed to George.

Anyone interested in teaching Orientation please check the following links;

This quarter the pace will not be as rapid as it was last quarter.
Shadowing is also going to be a large objective with the large amount of new Mentors we have.
If you are a Buddy Mentor and want to become an Apprentice Mentor please check out this link;

We can always use more Buddy Mentor speakers at class. If you think you might be interested in being a speaker please IM a scheduled Mentor Coach and ask if you can help them out.

Let's have a great quarter.

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