Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Goodbye My Friend

In Second Life we often lose friends in the real manner, they die. I recently learned of the death of a friend of mine from Ahern Welcome Area.

wo7 Zarf was someone who was a thinker, he was a artist and he was a good person.
In Second Life he loved to create and he liked to hang out at Ahern and talk with his friends.

His daughter in law made note to his profile so those looking for him could find out the news.
From his Second life profile:
WO was a wonderful, beautiful, talented man that I was so fortunate to have as my Father-in-law. He passed away Friday May 16th, 2008 at his home. He enjoyed SL very much for the past couple years. THANK YOU to everyone who he called friend!!!!

I knew w07 was chronically ill for a while. I can usually spot someone who is housebound. I asked him one day if he was homebound and he answered yes. He told me about his degenerating condition. Where his body was failing, his mind still was alive and thriving. Second Life was his adventure. He enjoyed every day in Second Life learning and creating.

I will miss you w07. You are one of my favorite Ahern people. That will never die.
Godspeed my friend. Rest in peace.

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