Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mentor Meeting this Friday and Possible Rumored Topics

It is rumored that at the Mentor meeting this Friday (Aug 26 10 am and 5 pm slt) there will be new requirements to become a Mentor announced. New Mentor applications have been closed for a short time. When I asked about it I was told there might be a new requirement being announced soon.
I have some ideas based on conversations at George's office hour what direction this may be taking.
Testing is one issue that may be on the menu. Will the testing be for just the Apprentice Mentors or all of us that I cannot say.
Tune in Friday for what sounds like a change in direction and a raising of the bar.

A useful link to give to your friends to study for this proposed test is

I will not be posting for a week in hopes that I can get some much needed downtime.
I wish all fellow Americans a great Labor Day weekend and to the rest of you, Happy Mentoring!

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