Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SecondAbility Mentors

Have you heard about SecondAbility Mentors aka SAM? Let me tell you some things about the group.

The founders of the group are three great people, Saxet Uralia, Charles Mountain and Avignon Beaumont.

Who are SecondAbility Mentors (SAM)?
People interested in helping persons with disabilities join the Second Life community.

What do SecondAbiltity Mentors do?
The mission of the SecondAbility Mentors group is to provide training for dedicated volunteers on how to appropriately assist real-life individuals with disabilities as they gain entrance into and explore Second Life.

In addition, trained SecondAbility Mentors provide encouragement and assistance with a wide variety of issues that residents with disabilities may encounter, including understanding in-world behaviors and overcoming technical issues to the degree possible.

SecondAbility Mentors also provide referral services to residents in helping them find the most appropriate on-going groups and services that will, in turn, support them in overcoming or coping with their particular disabilities as they continue with their Second Life experiences.

How do SecondAbility Mentors differ from Second Life Mentors?
While it takes great patience to be a Second Life Mentor, this will be even more important for the SecondAbility Mentors. Residents with disabilities will have a wide variety of assistive devices and applications to help them with the use of their computers. Often they will type slower and the orientation period will take longer. With these points in mind we are looking for residents with a passion to help those who can be a wonderful asset to our community.

How can I find out more about the SecondAbility Mentors?
Visit our wiki page at: for more information or contact one of the founding officers inworld.

More info and links:

If you think you can be an asset to the group follow the directions and sign up or IM any of the Officers; Saxet, Charles and Avignon for more info.

Great Idea and Glad I could help spread the word!

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