Thursday, August 7, 2008

My 4th Rezzday and friends

When someone has a Rezzday or Rezziversary I usually give a gift of some sort. My friend Rails, he built me the Playboy Mansion SL style. I have my own Rails edition Playboy mansion currently located at my Rezzday Party location
Make sure you come by and take a look at this great gift from my friend.

The theme for tomorrow's party is Playboy Mansion. Blatantly.

On my 4th Rezzday which is today I have a small message. One that is as true today as it was on day 1 of SL for me. It is what you make of it.
For me these last 4 years have been all about meeting people, experiencing the grid and all it has to offer and last but not least, service. When something is as great and wondrous as this community we have helped forge, one feels the need to be a part.
So there it is folks, my message of the day. Enjoy, and be a part.

Cya at the party!!! (tomorrow 1 PM SLT till everyone logs the hell off)

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Daniel Voyager said...


Happy 4th Rezzday, Doc. Have a great one, I wish I could go but i'm in TSL. I can't wait to be there on your 5th Rezzday. I transfer in 4 months time to the MG, yay!!!.

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