Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SL Forum and Negative People

I often try to keep my blog positive. Today I was sorry to have to read the SL forums
the above post made me very not happy. Why? The people who posted to it did it to harm 1700 other people. To demean the work of so many people because you did not remain active enough in a group to read your notices and renew your Mentor tag is just selfish beyond reason.

I encourage you, no I implore you to take the positive side. Go to forums and answer negative attacks with all the style and patience of a Second Life Mentor. Kill the rumors and negative attacks with resources, facts and solutions. Do not feed into their negative vent. That is how they win. I also invite you to take any negative rumors or accusations to the horse's mouth. If someone states a rumor that you know is untrue, verify it! Use your resources, IM a Coach or a Buddy or a Vteam member.

The people who spun that load of crap on the forums were aiming for us. Their aim is weak. Too bad we are prepared with facts and the many resources that all SL residents have at their disposal.

Lastly I want to thank you for all your hard work and efforts. For being on HIs, WAs and Infohubs. For taking time out of your Second Life to make time for people who just need a little support. You are exceptional people one and all. You didn't deserve those attacks. The people who did that were just plain wrong.

Good Mentoring!

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