Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Future of Mental Mentors

Recently it was brought to my attention that rumors has been circulated after the Mentor Group renewal that Mental Mentors was closing. Rest assured that is not the case.
We did remove some inactive people from the group. Mental Mentors is not going away anytime soon. Regardless of change of mission or Greeter group or any amount of renewing
and refocusing, Mental Mentors will go on.

Rails and I have worked very hard over the last nine months to bring a stress free zone for Mentors. It has never been easy. I never thought it would be. Keeping everyone fair and balanced when everyone was over 800 people was a large task in short order.

In the process I learned a great deal about others and myself. I also learned that loyalty and respect are words until people demonstrate those ideals.
I have argued, begged and pleaded with some of you. I have asked of you what was necessary to keep the group whole and cohesive. Some of you have risen above what can often seem unfair or biased and have been loyal and respectful even thought you did not always agree. Some of you agreed to disagree. Some of you told me the hell off. Some of you left MM.
All of these transitions are never easy. I would like to thank you if you chose to help me and abide by what Rails and I decided. I also want to thank those who chose to agree to disagree, often that is something that keeps us united but with our own views intact.

Lastly I would also like to thank those who decided that they needed to leave MM because it was not where or what they wanted to be and they were smart enough to know their limitations and not stay where they did not want to be and would not be happy.

I fully support the decisions made by the co-owner of MM, Rails Bailey. Before there was the helm of MM there was Rails, my friend. We would shoot the breeze about life, liberty and the pursuit of Mentoring.
During the great MM spam war of 2007 Rails left MM. I went to him and said come on back and luckily he did. I went to get Rails back because I just could not imagine the chaos and the craziness in MM without him. Obviously JayJay thought so too.
Everyone has friends in their SL. I have been real lucky in that I have friends that understand loyalty and respect.

There may come a time in MM when I or Rails ask you to put aside an argument, topic or some issue. We might ask you that because we feel it is not good for the group. You might disagree. Please try and remember that what Rails and I do is never easy. Some days it is very not easy. The stewardship of MM is big and diverse and takes up a lot of time and energy.
Try and use your loyalty and respect and at the least agree to disagree.
MM is a family and all of you are part of it. Sometimes in families you have to look at the
(Star Trek reference) good of the many versus the good of the few.
Corny I know but very true.
All things are not always easy to negotiate. I learn that more and more these days. Sometimes you just have to go with what is good for the many. I often will err on the side of being prudent.
I am sorry if that is not popular but it is loyal and respectful.
Thank you all for being part of my family and for your support.

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