Sunday, November 9, 2008

You Never Know...

In and around Mentorland I often hear a Mentor complain about another Mentor.
Some examples:

TypesB4 Thinks: don't ask that guy, ask someone who matters in the forums

NotNice Notever: I am here to complain about a notice. The person who sent it is unavailable but I am going to tell people outside of the group it was in all about it and the jerk who sent it anyway.
Minds URbusiness: I didn't like what she said even thought personally it is just my opinion but I am going to make sure I talk about how I disliked it to as many people as I can.

These are examples of how you get labeled a troublemaker. These are also examples of how you make an impression on other people in a negative manner. Assumption is never your friend in this manner. Nonconstructive criticism is never going to be taken as good advise. It is going to bring negativity to the table every time.

You should never assume everyone understands your point of view. You should't talk about another Mentor in public text or group IM in a negative way. Try and take all your disputes to IM.
One day you might need that person (who you found to be lacking) to help you out.
We all work as a team. When you step out of Tao and into being disrespectful you go to a place where you are not using teamwork.
How would you feel if someone "took you on" in public if you were not there?
What if it got reported to you that your ideas, thoughts, advise was called into question by a person without them giving you the opportunity of an IM to explain, clarify or even know you had an issue. What kind of teamwork is that?

The truth to the matter is this, if you participate in any of these types of actions you are doing yourself a disservice. You are not following our standards of Mentor communication and Tao. You may even polarize other people. If you dislike someone or what someone said, take it to the source, work it out with whomever the issue is with.
If you choose not to do this then you do not have the right in all fairness to take it to open forums of chat or public text. Take your opinions to IM and keep your negative assertions to those on your friends list or to yourself.

In these transitioning times for our group, we need to make an effort to work together and pull together.
If you choose to still behave in this manner don't be surprised if when you need help you do not get it. You will only have to recall that you put your pixel foot in your pixel mouth.
Be kind to each other!

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