Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meet a TG Mentor

Many times I have been asked about the Teen Grid. Well as you know, none of us can go on the TG. There is an exceptional young person on the TG. He has a photostream on Flickr that has many pics of the TG on it. He is a TG Mentor and will soon be coming to the Main Grid and hopefully be a strong addition to the Mentor group here.
Members of the Vteam, Gteam and former residents of the TG talk to me about young Daniel. They say good things about the future MG resident. If you are on Facebook reach out and friend him. It is often a big transition to leave teen friends and move onto the MG with us. Hopefully we can reach out and make his transition easier.

Mentorfolk meet Daniel Voyager.
Keep your eyes open for him sometime in December.

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