Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why OIP is not a great place to be

I normally make my mind up about certain areas based on what I see and hear. What I have seen and heard on OIP (Orientation Island Public) is not good. My opinion on it is not a secret. It has well gone past the point of being useful and is now just a dinosaur.

It is often populated with griefy people. Not so much griefers but residents acting badly. They are squatters to the island. They seek to share their boredom and dissatisfaction with others that are there. The bad part is who is there are new people trying to make use of OIP and Mentors.

Today I was there untagged to observe some of the vocal minority of the island dwellers. They were a large bundle of crazy and loud. Very distracting and obviously not using the island as it was intended.

I often tell Vteam about the atmosphere at OIP. If you work there or have been there and you agree with me, drop a note in the suggestion box on SLVEC and speak up about the OIP issue.
The sooner this issue gets addressed, the sooner a plan to revitalize that area can start.

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