Saturday, June 14, 2008

Uncle Doc Wants You AKA Recruit Your Friends

In the hustle and flow of Mentoring in your second life you know people who are your "go to" people. Cannot find a script person, cannot figure out how to debug person, desktop issue person. You know them, you trust them, you use them often. These people never let you down. They are not Mentors. Why?

If you know talented people who are not Mentors why not recruit them. The Mentor group can always use more talented people. It is very likely that as a talented Mentor yourself you know lots of talented and skilled residents. We often see people who we think would be a good fit.
It is time for you to reach out to those people and get them pumped about the Mentor program.

I have been recruiting Mentors for a long time. Some of you have heard my speeches, my tag lines, have been on the other end of my fishing for avatars. It is easy to ask people to be a part. What could they say? No?

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