Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Explore Help Island Public

I often say that Help Island Public (aka HIP) is the best training area. I am biased. I work and train mentors and other help groups there. Not everyone will like training there. Not everyone will enjoy mentoring there either. You can however with a little bit of patience and the right amount of communication excel there. HIP to me is the right amount of diverse topics, situations and opportunities rilled into one. The fianl product is good well rounded mentors.

Could this be you? Sure it could!

So take Doc's advise and let us go visit HIP.

Help Island Public is a great mix of avatars. There are every type and category. You can expect to see something you never saw before up on the platform.

You will find all kinds of things happening in the Sandbox. Sometimes some of them should not be happening there. Gun fire, loud explosions and distractions. I usually tell people who are building huge items or firing weapons or driving vehicles that I have a landmark to a bigger sandbox, the weapons test sim or the vehicle sandbox so that they can have more space and so that HIP can have more peace.

The Demo area is full of space for you to show people how to unpack a box. Make a chair. Rezz or resize an item. Fix their appearance.

There is a tutorial area that you might find interesting and instructional for yourself or to recommend to a new person. When you go there look these resources over.

The thing most people ask me at HIP is what do I do here. My number one answer is go to the Freebie store. Often Mentors donate much of the items available to the Freebie store.

The Gallery of Second Life is there to browse. If it a quiet section of HIP. People often do not know about it.

When someone is ready to leave you can give them some landmarks or suggestions to explore or you can tell them to click the Exit sign. This usually takes them to a Welcome Area.

Here we are back at the platform with the same old familiar faces. Maybe one day you should drop by and see how we do it "HIP style" Just open your map and type in "Help Island Public".

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