Sunday, March 16, 2008

SLVEC: the tour

For those who are new or have not had a tour of SLVEC, strap in and enjoy the ride. I am going to take you on a guided tour of our Volunteer Education Center. The hubbub at the hub is for a good reason. We have been given the best shared resource of all, a place of our own to go and posse with our own kind. Many of our best resources are housed there. Many tools and gadgets, handouts and notecards. The Buddy Center. I digress, let’s go for a visit.

When you land at SLVEC you will be at the Central Area. A Teleporter is there to help you get around.

The Central area is full of Stores or Kiosks with Mentor Educational items and resources. You can browse these at your leisure. Lots of good stuff there.

Next is the Linquist Center. This is where the different Language speakers have set up their Stores and Kiosks with lots of helpful resources for all the different languages.

The Buddy Center is your next stop. On the totems are pictures of Mentor Buddies that are online and available to help. You only need to click on their picture and the Buddy Communicator System will page the Buddy.

If you have any questions about being a Mentor Buddy please contact me I am the Mentor contact for Mentor Buddys. Any Mentor Buddy can help you with questions. You can find a Mentor Buddy by going to SL Mentor Group and going to Roles.

If you want to Become a Mentor Buddy please sign up for that role here There is also another Teleporter there.

The Sandbox Area. This is our own private space to build with a 2 hour return.

The Theater Area is our next stop. This area is reserved for educational classes for Mentors. Check the classes available for furthering your Mentor education here

We now move on to the R&R area. You may ask yourself what goes on there. Well anything you can imagine really. Mentors come there and chat. Fly planes, sky dive, bumper cars or just sit and relax. It is for us to use to get some R&R.

The Orientation Center is the place where Apprentice Mentors go to do their orientation classes something I am very proud of. If you have not attended an orientation or want to brush up on what the class has to offer please check this link
This class area can be used to any class when no orientation is scheduled.

If you have any suggestions for Vteam or want to reserve a Store or Kiosk there is a drop box located right behind the classroom area. Here you can drop a notecard to our Vteam.

Well there you have a quick tour and some things to explore. IM me sometime I will tell you some more.

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