Thursday, March 13, 2008

SL Love Connections

If my many years on SL I have seen people pair, bond, marry, partner and unpaired, unbound, and divorce. Second Life is mimicking real life. People feel the need to pair up. In my Second life I have myself a nice small harem of mentor wives. Those darling and daring ladies who cheer me on as I foray across the grid; in good times and in bad. To have and to hold; to IM till they get sick of me.
People often ask me seriously why I do not partner. I have my reasons. One of them is Shirley.
Shirley came into my There life in 2004. She was a funny, party going, bunny slipper wearing, bundle of energy. She was at a party sitting in the hot tub. She messaged me and said, “Look my boyfriend and I are broke up and he is here. Can you flirt with me so he will leave me alone?” I told her I would. Soon at every party were doc and Shirley and our ever growing little entourage of friends. We got invites all over There.
When Shirley and I grew tired of There parties, we upped and came to Second Life in the great mass migration of 2004. We hit the clubs like a rocket. We paid to TP. We bought clothes and settled into our Second Lives. Shirley and I still hung out together but we went along different paths. She found love with a few partners. I went and explored Second Life with my friends. Shirley told me she had found a RL connection and was going to be married in SL and RL. Then the day came when the SL/RL love went south. Shirley was most upset. I did all I could to console her. Her heart was broken. I was sad for her and mad all at the same time. She managed to pick herself back up for a time. Went back out and built another house and bought more things. The next relationship was good, then bad, then off.
She was not a healthy person. She had more a spiritual earth mother persona. She got depressed. Her condition snowballed and eventually her health failed and that was the way I lost my Shirley. April 2006. When she died in RL she took a part of me with her.
You can visit the Memorial Park I had built for Shirley. The Arbor Project built this project and they did a great job a few years ago. For my Shirley; from There to Eternity. I miss you.
Fast forward…Then you meet some new, great people. I cannot remember the first time I met her but I can remember that she was funny, party going, witty and took the piss out of me right out of the gate. She was a mentor and soon she became like my left hand. Yes the one that holds my beer opposite the remote control. Everywhere I turned this year in mentorland there she was. Before I realized it was as if she had always been here. Working with her was always a real joy. I continue to work with her a lot. Then one day she said to me, “Doc I want you to train my bf to be a mentor.” This is not an unusual request, many mentors ask me to train people they know as mentors. This is when I realized that my left hand had a SL partner. I know what you are thinking. It was what I was thinking. Who is this guy? Is he good enough for my left hand? If he isn’t what am I going to say? Well there he was standing at Help Island. So I spent some time getting to know the partner. Well???
They got married in SL a few weeks ago. I walked the bride down the aisle. I see lots of people partner in SL. These two mentors are in the SL dictionary under partnered. True friends, great people, and always there when you need them.
Congratulations Jezzie and Rock.


Jezzie said...

You are a real loon, you know that. And my left hand also. Love ya.

Nightmare said...

This man, this dear friend, never ceases to amaze me

Takumi Commons said...

It has been a pleasure and an honor to create and maintain the park that expresses such devotion to a cherished friend.