Friday, March 14, 2008

The Future is so bright we ought to wear shades

Today it was announced our poppa, our daddy, the father of all things Linden is to step aside as CEO of Linden Lab.
What does this mean for mentors? It means that our mission is even more important than ever.

I always say that being a mentor is insurance. Insurance in the future of our Second Life.
When you go to those Orientation Islands, Help Islands, Info Hubs and Welcome Areas. When you teach Orientation, Be a Buddy or a Coach, you insure the future of this palatial paradise you call your Second Life. You make a concerted effort to show new people that this is a great place that they can help make even greater.

When I speak at Orientation, I say this; "Second Life is a community built with user created content. You are a part of this community. It will be your knowledge and skill that helps others to continue to build and create."
Remember these words going forward. As this virtual world advances forward, we will evolve with it.

In the coming days people will ask you about Phillip Linden and Second Life and share with you their concerns. How you answer is your own choice. My answer will always be as it has been in the past, “I am still here, what does that tell you?”

The Future is what we make of it. Pixels, prims and scripts. One new resident at a time. Just you and I and 3500 or so like us.

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