Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday Night Protest SLVEC/Diagnosing Visual Issues

Recently on Friday nights (around 7 PM SLT) a peaceful protest/sit down/mentor chat has been going on at SLVEC.

We started this quite suddenly one Friday night when we were at SLVEC sitting on a wall/protesting something that I cannot recall/having a chat.

SLVEC is for us to use and enjoy. Why not on Friday come on down and meet some mentors, Lindens and sit on the wall and peacefully protest whatever issues at the sit in.

To find SLVEC open your Map and type SLVEC.

Visual issues and diagnosing them-

Often as a Mentor Buddy I will get an IM from a mentor who is trying to help a resident with a visual issue.

There is a certain degree of support as a mentor you can offer. Anything above and beyond that issue may be user error and or require further technical support with the computer and or a support ticket. Desktop support is best handled by those who are certified to perform it.

If you are at all uncomfortable with desktop support always refer the resident to a more skilled mentor or to file a support ticket.

Here is a list of information you should get before you try and diag a visual issue.

What version of SL?

Minimum hardware reqs met?

When were the graphics drivers last updated?

Cache emtpied?

How old is the computer?

What OS?

You can keep up on visual issues affecting the grid by checking the Issue Tracker on

also check the Blog and Jira.

Happy Mentoring!

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