Monday, April 21, 2008

The Buddy Huts aka Buddy Call System

Recently we have been discussing via the Volunteer email list about how to find information or someone when you need to ask a question on the fly. Your best and quickest answer is:

Welcome to the Buddy Center and the Stylish and functional Buddy Hut Call Center.

This is a nice system for calling a Buddy Mentor.
When you get to SLVEC and you TP over to the Buddy Center there stands a big set of huts.

Inside each one is the ability to call a Buddy Mentor several different ways.

  • Online notification (if a buddy is online their pic will show online)
  • Name Search (two huts: A-L and M-Z)
  • By profile pic

Make sure you talk to Jabber the Hut while you are there.

Happy Mentoring!

Special thanks for this great resource go to:
Zai Lynch
Kuraiko Yoshikawa
Trinity Coulter
Nava Muni
Shiva Aabye
Lum Pfohl

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