Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Your Second Life Profile and The Community Standards

I often come across in my profile previewing a profile of someone who does not know about the Community Standards aka the CS or who blissfully has not read them. As Mentors we should know the Terms of Service and the Community Standards (TOS/CS) to some degree.
If not take a look at the CS here http://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php

What is the concern is that some Mentors (pointing fingers at some of you) have profiles which violate the CS and you may be unaware of it. It is possible that your profile was made before you became a Mentor and you do not even remember what is on it.

Take a moment and check your profile to make sure you do not have any CS violations on it.
Profanity, copied text without permission, nudity, harassment, sexual content, just to name a few. If I see it on your profile, I will give you an IM and mention it. If someone else sees it then I cannot speak for what they may do, including an AR which might get you in a small spot of trouble.

Taken from the CS:
Second Life is a complex society, and it can take some time for new Residents to gain a full understanding of local customs and mores. Generally, violations of the Community Standards will first result in a Warning, followed by Suspension and eventual Banishment from Second Life.

You can be assured if you get reported for a CS violation from your profile or for any other reason the Gteam (Governance) member will go find Momma Amber or one of the Vteam.
Then you got some splaining to do. Avoid this problem by giving your profile a clean bill of health. Tell people the Doc said to do it.

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