Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Graduation Party and Volunteer Day

We have some Mentor events coming up in the near future. The quarterly Mentor Graduation Celebration will be Friday April 18th from 6-9pm SLT, Saturday April 19th from 8-11am SLT and Saturday April 19th from 5-8pm SLT. This is a party for all the new Mentors who graduated during the quarter. There will be a DJ and dancing. Mentors will be there to meet and greet and feel free to drop in if you have time and want to welcome in our new Mentors. Picture by Poppy McDunnough

Volunteer Day will be Saturday May 3rd this year. This will be a Mentor "day off". We assemble at SLVI and party. The Vteam has not revealed a theme so far but last year's party was a Hawaiian theme and I had a great time. (see pic below)

Save the dates on both these mentors events :)

A quick reminder about the Day of Remembrance which will be on April 17th. Feel free to check the SL blog for details http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/04/04/second-life-day-of-remembrance-is-april-17/ Feel free to check the vteamblog entry for details on this event, and how Mentors can participate. http://vteamblog.com/2008/04/14/day-of-remembrance/

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