Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trademarks and Changes

Very recently trademarks and the use of them in Second Life and out of Second Life have changed. This change effects not everyone but it does effect some of us. It could effect you in the future so it is worth a read.

For some people it may mean taking some pics down off your website or blog, the domain name of your website or blog, removal of some logos from your store, web site or blog. It is important in creating group names as there is now more defined rules as to how you use the words "Second Life".

It is very confusing if you are not informed.
To be better informed mentors I suggest the following links :

We as Official Volunteers can use our "Volunteer" logo.
Feel free to copy it from this page.
It can be used for Official Volunteer materials. It should not be used for anything that is not pertaining to the Official Volunteer program.
I hope this clarifies some of the new Trademark policy for you. If you have further questions about the new policy please check for office hours of the G-team (Linden Governance Team)
The Governance Team works to monitor and assist in situations related to Terms of Service Violations and Community Standards Disputes.

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