Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rezz Party Madness

I am often glad when someone I know gets to a one year milestone. The statistics say you are going to keep coming back if you stay that long. Since I am old as dirt on a terraforming sandbox, I enjoy seeing others hit milestones. The Rezzday Party or the Rezziversary is something to be proud of. You logged in and you keep logging in. The Second Life world changes and you change with it.
Tonight we gave the annual Rezzday party for Mystra Jewell and Xtreme Sands.
Two of my cohorts from HIP. Both people I am glad to work with as Mentors.
Congratulations to both of you. Thanks for working HIP with me and making me proud for doing what we do.

Try and be open minded I just discovered Windows Movie Maker

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