Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Bad Tempered Former Mentor

We all have met someone like this. A former Mentor who has issues with the Vteam. Has issues with the Mentor Program. Has issues with Second Life. Cannot ever be pleased, appeased or learn when to just find something that makes them happy and move on.
In my Mentor career I have met loads of this kind of person. My advise to you is to be kind but be firm! If you are negative with them, they win. They want to turn you off on Mentoring. The "misery loves company"!

The bad tempered former Mentor is also a real hit with the rest of the SL community. Bringing joylessness, discord and divisiveness wherever they go. To other LL employees, office hours, SL5B, Welcome Areas and any place they can go to spout their junk.
They are going to have to Google their own name and read the blogs about the crap they perpetuated. They are going to have to fight with everyone they know just to be right. They are going to have to hang out on the Vteam blog and reconstruct a group and the groups activities they no longer are involved with. They cannot move on. Feel bad for them? I know I do.

Again my advise to you is not to sink to their level. Do not get into it with them. It is a "hi" and "bye" situation.
The bad tempered former Mentor is not going to change. Nothing you can say can get them focused enough to realize that what they are saying sucks and is not being said for you but for them to try and justify why they are no longer a Mentor. I am glad people like this are not Mentors anymore. We don't need them, we don't want them and we can only hope they find something in Second Life they enjoy.

Remember your Tao of Volunteers, wish them well and then hold up standards. Ones they cannot even begin to understand.
Happy Mentoring! (or not)

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