Saturday, July 12, 2008

Review-Abuse Reporting/Calling for a Linden

Recently the Mentor channel has been full of Abuse Report chat and calling for a Linden.
Since we have new folks again joining our ranks, I decided to go back over these subjects.

Abuse reporting is a ticketed system. There are more elements then the actual violation that has occurred. The area the violation is reported from is an element. Filing an AR as soon as you decided TOS/CS has been broken is the quickest way to have the issue(s) addressed. The Gteam Lindens work the ticketed system from "filed" tickets. If you see a violation of the Terms of Service or Community Standards, REPORT IT!

When you go to Orientation we tell you not to "call for a Linden" in the group channel/chat.
The reason we tell you this is because Lindens do not monitor the chat and cannot use it to respond as (read the above paragraph) they work off a ticketed response/support system for matters of Abuse and Support.

This allows Linden employees to keep track of what they are responding to. Which allows tracking of report issues of abuse and support.

Report ARs if you see them. Do not call for a Linden in the group channel.

If you have any questions please find a Mentor Buddy (including myself) and we would be glad to further clarify the quickest ways to get the assistance you need.

Happy Mentoring.

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Asghard Igaly said...

Why the people prefer send one AR before that to talk with the person? Why the people don't remember when is begin in SL and was one newbie? There is many people that dont know how need to be in SL.... I prefer talk and talk and talk... when i'm in OI or in HI is because i have time, then if there is one ppl that is making one mistake, i prefer say to the new avi which is the mistake, if i send one AR the avi never will know why. And greetings :)