Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Re: Updated Mentor Roles Update

From Vteam blog:

Mentor Group Roles
Second Life Mentors group has thousands of members and numerous roles to help Mentors participate in specialized areas of help. The Second Life Apprentice group offers roles for Mentors as well. These roles have their own wiki pages that offer in depth information and a sign up link. Mentors are added to roles about once a week so please allow that length of time to be added.
Please note: Roles are available to you once are accepted into the official Second Life Mentors group. Apprentice Mentors are not eligible yet.
Mentor Coach
This Coach role within the Mentors group is for Mentors to help other Mentors learn skills. Classes vary and are basic to advanced sessions. Please look over the classes offered and attend one if you want! The information about being a Mentor Coach as well as the Classes Offered page can be found on Mentors Teaching Mentors and Volunteer Sponsored Classes wiki pages.
Mentor Buddies
This role is for experienced Mentors to help guide newer Mentors with advice, tips and general issues related to volunteering.If you would like to find a buddy: Look in the Buddy Shop area of SLVEC. Look for an online Mentor Buddy and send them an IM. If they are available to be your Mentor are all set! If you are interested in this role please read here: SL Volunteer Mentor Buddies
Mentor Linguists
As Second Life grows, its resident pool becomes more diverse. To accommodate changes such as the expansion of languages used, Second Life Mentors has a specific role set up called Linguists. Linguists offer language specific assistance on the Help Islands, OI’s, in IM. Some Linguists also translate public wiki pages into their native language. Translation Project . If you are bilingual and are interested in the Linguist role in Second Life Mentors please read here: SL Volunteer Mentor Linguists
Mentor Scribes
Mentor Scribes are well-versed, seasoned volunteers within the group who are willing to be contacted directly by other volunteers for assistance in writing, wiki development, and wiki collaboration. This is entirely an opt-in role and may bear extra responsibility, but for many of you who are already wiki smart, this role will grant you acknowledgment for your contributions.
If you would like to be in the Mentor Scribe role please read more here: SL Volunteer Mentor Scribes
Mentor Greeters
Mentor Greeters are WA, OI and HI specialists. They are the welcomers, nurturers and helpers. Though they specialize in those four places, it’s only because there are more new residents to be found there, but this is also the role for those mentors who welcome people from their back yards. Greeters may also participate in A/B testing conducted by various Lindens when the need arises. Read more about this role here: SL Mentor Greeters
Second Life Mentor Apprentice Group Roles
Experienced Second Life Mentors may want to take on an optional role in the Apprentice group. This group is dedicated to helping eligible residents get ready to be approved Second Life Mentors through classes and Buddy shadowing.
Apprentice Buddies
Apprentice Mentors are required to receive a voucher from an Apprentice Buddy in order to be placed into the Second Life Mentors group. The role of Apprentice Buddy in the Mentor Apprentices group is made up of volunteers from the official Mentor group. These Buddies are able to offer ’shadowing experiences’ to Apprentices to provide a layer of experience prior to entering the official Mentor group. Once the shadowing experience is completed, the Apprentice Buddy sends a voucher to VTeam reflecting the Apprentice’s completion of the shadowing experience. The Apprentice Buddy role is an entirely opt-in role offered to Buddies within the official Mentor group.
Please note: This role is only available to official Mentors who are already in the Buddy role. Read more here: Buddy Shadowing
Apprentice Mentors are required to attend one orientation session in order to be placed into the Second Life Mentors group. The role of OCoach in the Mentor Apprentices group is made up of volunteers from the official Mentor group. These OCoaches are able to offer a one hour session that will give a wealth of information, guidance, and links to volunteer resources. OCoaches may also do these sessions in languages other than English. Please read here: OCoach Information

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