Monday, July 7, 2008

Mentor Past or How I Started Mentoring in a Virtual World

My first virtual world was not Second Life. It was There. I arrived all newbied and ready to go.I wandered around There looking at the sites and meeting up with people. I went to parties and danced like a robot. One day I had questions and I met Alliez. That was over 4 years ago.

One day in Second Life I saw someone in group chat answer a question. This person was also named Alliez. Coincidence? I IMed her and sure enough it was Alliez from There. Alliez Mysterio was my Mentor from There. She ran a group called Newbie Haven. I became a Newbie Haven helper and Alliez recruited me. I spent the majority of my time wandering around the newbie areas helping people out in There. Alliez left There and moved on to SL and shortly there after so did I and some of my friends. The rest is SL history.

Whenever I see Alliez it takes me back to my Mentor past. At closing speeches for SL5B I saw her standing near the podium. I IMed and said hi. It was great to chat with her and catch up on her Second Life.

Thanks for being my Mentor Alliez!
Go out and be inspirational!!

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