Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mentor Future Mentor Past

Ever summer my rezzday approaches. Every year when it draws near I take some time and evaluate where I have been in Second Life and where I am going.

Each year I am a Mentor the Volunteer roles take on new meaning and added dimensions. Often people ask me, "Doc is the Mentor program still worth your time?" I always say "YES!" If you walked a mile in my avatar's shoes you would have seen something evolve that continues to bring me back again and again.

Our roles in the Mentor program have never been more exciting and collaborated.
In the future we can expect for the Mentor program to be expanded to include new roles and new goals.

When I talk to our Vteam about the possibilities for our involvement in the future of Second Life, we often wax nostalgic. Remember when... The goals of the past set the stage for the goals of the future. Our collective experiences in Second Life inspire us to want to go out in the community and spread our good will and knowledge to those who will benefit from it.

So as my rezzday approaches I am glad to be here with all of you. Let's show our enthusiasm out there in the community. We are truly examples of the great experience that can be had in the Second Life Community. We should be proud of our work and our Second Lives.
Happy 4th!

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